Welcome to Ratchet Theatre

With many years in the performing arts between us we, (Katie Bottoms and Jeremy Holloway) initially formed Ratchet Theatre Company to oversee a tour of the Southwest of Philip Ridley's seminal play "Dark Vanilla Jungle" during the Spring of 2016. In 2017 they had the rights to perform the play in London at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden and to help with this they undertook a crowd-funding campaign which raised over £1,000 towards the cost of the production. Supporters who have pledged can be seen here and can we say a huge thanks to all those who pledged support for our project.

The production was a huge success, the latest review said:

"Katie Bottoms gives a blistering performance as Andrea, able to capture the sweetness of a young child and the brutal hostility of a suffering teenager….” – spyinthestalls.com Full review

Ratchet Theatre Company’s latest projects include:


by Anna Jordan

– Two girls, one a teenager preparing for the “big” night and one a girl in here 30’s imaging a “big” night. Responsibility, self-worth and perception all come under the microscope as we act as voyeurs on these two girl’s lives….


The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

– a performance piece looking at how we see ourselves when we have nothing to hide, literally. When we are posing for an art class being analysed, scrutinised and objectified how do we feel? Or are we immune to media perceptions of “normal” “acceptable” and “beauty”? Is an art class in fact a “sanctuary” where no rules concerning “the other” apply? Warning – this production may contain perceptions of beauty that some may find offensive….

Both Katie and Jeremy have experience in most areas of the arts, from managing to dance, from singing to circus and clowning, as can be seen here.

Please feel free to:


And of course there are other shows in the pipeline. For example: “7TH DAY” is a play about the demise of the earth in 7 days through the eyes of Adam and Eve using the words and philosophy of E. F. Schumacher
and “Male Aesthetic” is all about life modelling and how men have it hard.... And then there’s the horrific story of the Lebensborn and one woman who not only survived....