By Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan

Ratchet Theatre has confirmed that the rights for FREAK are available and plans are now afoot to produce the play in October this year (2018). The production will feature Katie (Bottoms) with the casting for the other role to take place during the summer of 2018.

FREAK is a two-hander all about a young teenage girl planning her first “real” romantic liaison and an older girl aged about thirty who has recently separated from her partner and is now out for a good time. A powerful play, a beautifully crafted juxtaposition between the two girls and a story for today. Written by Anna Jordan (right).

We are planning to have an approximate tour arranged by the time rehearsals start so please come back and see how progress is going. And we will announce the casting of the Leah character as soon as we have completed the auditions….


The Sanctury

A performance piece looking at how we see ourselves when we have nothing to hide, literally. When we are posing for an art class being analysed, scrutinised and objectified how do we feel? Or are we immune to media perceptions of “normal” “acceptable” and “beauty”? Is an art class in fact a “sanctuary” where no rules concerning “the other” apply? Warning – this production may contain perceptions of beauty that some may find offensive….