Dark Vanilla Jungle (2016)


Ratchet Theatre obtained the rights to produce Dark Vanilla Jungle and first toured it in 2016. For the upcoming tour see Current. The 2016 tour visited the following venues:

After a sucessful tour the company has decided to bring the show to the Etcetera Theatre in Camden in November 2017.

The meal...

The meal

- was an invitation to a performance. The performance is a meal. Just a meal. You might even have got an invitation to join the table. The table was set, the guests arrived, some were familiar, or at least, you though they were. Some guests were related, some not. Some were not sure whether they were or not. Anyone could be asked to join this part-scripted, part-improvised performance where the ending was unknown. The only certainty is that there was a meal and certain people were invited.

Walk with me...

Walk with me

Walk with me was a project allowing you to walk with someone with a story to tell – Who's telling the story? Why are they telling it? Walk with me asked you to spare some time to walk with someone, anyone, who had a story to tell. It might be personal, it might not be. It might be biographical, it might be fictitious. If you really want to you could try and work it out. But it's unimportant.
Walk with me asked that you listen. Listen to a story. There would be no conversation. Just formalities.

Torbay's pop-up Performance Shop...

Pop-up Shop

this project, a performance shop, was deemed to be: "A shop that sold all, or part of, a performance, whatever the genre of that performance was. This could include, but was not limited to, drama, music, dance, puppetry, writing and management". The shop would function for 33 days but it was anticipated that the premises, or the concept, or both, would continue as a legacy after this initial period.

Life Drawing...

Life Drawing

– Lupton House was the venue for a weekend of life drawing in September 2012 when 25 artists and 7 models provided the facilities to draw from the human body. Four rooms were available offering experimentation in movement, music, improvisation and aesthetics.